Wrapping It Up

In this series, I have outlined the basics regarding digital marketing: what works, and what changes are coming down the pipeline in the next few years that are worth keeping an eye on.

Digital marketing this year will be a combination of the strategies I have discussed throughout this series:

1.Digital marketing basics such as:

i. Content marketing
ii. Blogging
iii. Video
iv. Social media
v. Search engine marketing such as AdWords
vi. Automation

2 . Turning short-term customers into loyal long-term clients

3. Making your digital marketing more powerful with better visuals:

i. Images
ii. Infographics
iii. Curated content
iv. Slideshows
v. PowerPoint decks
vi. Videos

4 .Using videos to entertain your customers and show you have what they want

5. How to personalize your niche customerís experience

6 . How to build relationships on the go with digital marketing

7 . How to help your brand fans share experiences so they can feel valued, and often become powerful brand advocates

8 . How to use location-based technologies to make real time connections:

i. IBeacons
ii. Radio frequency identification
iii. Wearable technology such as
Virtual reality devices

9. Going beyond the usual apps with your mobile marketing by making them dynamic messaging platforms, not static items that just take up space on their smartphones.

If you are not already making the most of these marketing opportunities, the sooner you start adding them to your marketing mix, the better.

In reference to the future, I wish I had a crystal ball. Unfortunately, I donít. What I can do is read between the lines. If history is anything to go by, a new Twitter or Pinterest could emerge any day now and take the social media world by storm.

As smartphone use increases, so will the ways to market on it. Tablets are continuing to grow and new formats of larger smartphones, dubbed phablets, will mean more of your target audience spending time on them than ever before.

Smartwatches will mean a smaller screen, but still the same interest in content in all its forms. Short messaging, images, video, infographics and more that are all mobile-friendly will be a sure-fire way of getting discovered by an increasing number of people in your niche.

All good things must come to an end. Thanks for inviting me to be a guest blogger, and hereís wishing you the best of success in all of your digital marketing efforts.

All the best,


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