In my last blog post, I discussed the impact of location-based technologies and how they will transform digital marketing in the next few years, especially when wearable technology really comes into its own.

But letís not underestimate the marketing value of one of our old friends, which has been around for about seven years but shows no sign of going away, just getting better.

If you guessed I was talking about apps, you are right.

There is an App for That

Every smartphone user in the world probably has at least a dozen apps on their device. Some have many more, but only use a handful of them ñ those they find most useful. Getting people into the habit of using your app as compared with any other in your niche can be part luck and part skill, as well as a forward-thinking marketing plan.

Are You Making the Most of Apps?

The most obvious app opportunity is the use of QR codes, those funny-looking boxes smartphone users can scan using a special app in order to get more information about your business.

There are many ways to use QR codes in your marketing, from basic information about your business, to treasure hunts and more. Plan the landing pages you wish to send them to when you set up your QR codes, and see what your conversion rates are like. There are many free QR code creators online. Donít forget to add your URL at the bottom for anyone who sees your QR code but who doesnít have a smartphone.

Is There an App for Your Business?

First, have you got an app related to your business? If not, what would make sense? A measuring app, or a calorie counting app? Next, are you going to treat your app like a static item, or are you going to use it as a dynamic connection with your target audience?

Many new business owners might think there is no way they could ever create an app themselves, but there are many sites online that can help. The two main things you need are content, and marketing content to promote the app once you create it. After all, no one will download it if they donít know it exists.

Marketing content is also essential to get your app into the Apple and Google stores so iPhone and Android users can download it.

Dynamic Apps

Most app develops treat their app as a ìone and done.î They put it in the app stores and basically forget all about it. But in a world full of choices, you need to go beyond the app to develop a digital marketing strategy that will meet your business goals and objectives, even as it meets the needs of your target audience.

As with any product ìpurchase,î even free apps, your target audience is always asking, ìWhatís in it for me?î Time is an investment, as well as cash. An app that is easy to use and doesnít eat up a lot of power is good, but just the first step.

Statistics show that 90% of smartphone users have their device with them all of the time. What does this mean in terms of your digital marketing opportunities? Itís a chance to continually engage your audience by understanding the kind of content they want to connect with regularly.

Messaging, improving the app, announcing the new features, and creating special content only for them, can all help take your app from just another one about X topic to one that your niche customer will want to use every day.

In our next post, let’s summarize all Iíve covered in this series to keep your digital marketing momentum going.

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